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Sex To Die For - Lucky Lucy

Anyone who meets Lucy would immediately think she was probably around twenty or twenty-one, at most. Slim and not tall, small breasts, long straight blonde hair, nearing childishly white that hangs to the middle of her back. A fringe extenuating her girlish looks. Her bright blue eyes and innocent smile giving anyone who meets her good reason to smile. She often complains that she is still asked to show her ID to enter pubs and clubs, but at twenty-eight years old, she knows she is lucky. 

Lucy’s luck gets even better when a very rich man makes her an offer to share not only his life but also his wealth. And as she discovers, even some very good looking members of his staff. Compared to working in a supermarket packing shelves, Lucy is of course interested in his proposal and after only minor hesitation, accepts her dream that must be too good to be true. 

It doesn’t take long for her to discover that her rich man of her dreams is not only a difficult man to understand, he has also strange habits and even stranger rituals that she tries to learn to comprehend. She knows though that in the end, her body is his, and in exchange his wealth is hers. As she adapts, she becomes more comfortable and starts introducing her new man to a couple of her friends and begins to take full advantage of her luck.

But how long will it last? As always, there are those who lose when someone wins.

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