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Little Lady Luck - The Sequel to Fantasy Business

After discovering in ‘Fantasy Business’ that even if working for the Mary Scott Agency was financially rewarding, it was also very hard work indeed. In the this sequel, Little Lady Luck’, Lyn and Mike continue their work as fantasy entertainers with Sandy and Nick, but with their enthusiasm and stamina waning, Lyn and Mike begin looking for a way out, and an avenue back to normality.

With their bad luck, financial misfortune and desperation having lasted for more than three years already, they are both desperately in need of a small glimmer of hope, and start looking for any possible way of escaping their hardships.

Their tide of bad luck takes a sudden turn for the better, as rumours and then finally, good news arrives in their small town that will give them a chance to move and restart their lives again. At the same time though, Lyn meets someone, and soon knows that her heart has been stolen.

Read on to discover who it is that makes such the difference to Lyn and Mike’s life, luck and love in, ‘Little Lady Luck. Another wet, wild and erotic, suburban couples adventure from Shadir Keene.

Sometimes it only takes a minute when you look into a stranger’s eyes, to know that your heart has been stolen. Find out who steals Lyn’s heart in ‘Little Lady Luck’. Another erotic novel by Shadir Keene.

Another wet, wild and erotic, suburban couples adventure from Shadir Keene.
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Fantasy Business - New from Shadir Keene

When Lyn and her husband both lose their jobs, tough times hit and as the months go by, their debts and financial problems mount rapidly. Over dinner one evening with friends, who are also struggling in the same predicament of being unemployed and falling deeper into arrears, Lyn and her husband, Mike, learn about an opportunity that their friends, Sandy and Nick, are considering.

With the lure of a steady and very attractive monthly income for each of them, and the possibility of an end to their financial worries, the four begin to think about the proposition, and what they would have to do if they decided to proceed.

The catch is though, that they will indeed have to work very closely together, as the job on offer is expressly for four, and not just one. If they decide to go ahead, it will mean that they will all see much more of each other. Much, much more than they could ever have possibly imagined.

Read on to discover if Lyn, her husband and their friends decide to change their luck and their lives, and start working for a very specialised agency, in the Fantasy Business. 

When you’re out of work, yet the bills keep coming in, desperate times call for desperate solutions. For Lyn and Mike, when they stumble upon an unexpected way out of their financial problems, they brace themselves for the very naked truth of their radical solution.

Another wet, wild and erotic, suburban couples adventure from Shadir Keene.

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Getting To Know Gemma

For those who haven't met Gemma in my series of books, Gemma's Stories, I should give you a little insight into who she is, what she is, and what she wants.

Gemma is a mid-forties mother of two late teenage boys, who have both recently left home for college. She is married to Steve, her husband and one and only man for over twenty years. With an empty house and her main role in life now removed, she looks at herself and her husband and sees boredom etched not only into their faces, but into their existence. It's then that she decides she's not going to live out her life in front of the television every evening, in the laundry each day, and reading in bed each night before turning out the light and getting a 'peck' goodnight from her husband.

When she takes stock of herself, her figure and looks are still good. Yes, a few stretch marks and little cellulite on her legs, but her body isn't in bad shape at all. With the luck of blonde hair and blue eyes giving her a younger look that her years, Gemma decides enough is enough and sets her mind to finding a radical and very dangerous solution to her dilemma. Watching her husband fall lower and lower into a pit of routine, television and a complete disinterest in her, and with the admission that she has herself has become boringly dreary and suburban, she takes matters into her own hands and starts looking for adventures that will ignite her marriage. It's not long before she finds a willing ally in Maggie.

At first she believes she will light a fire in her husband that will rekindle the passion in their marriage she so desires, but suddenly has doubts about the intentions of her sexy ally, and the direction of the new found lust Maggie ignites in her husband. Soon, feelings of jealousy rage within her along with a loss of self respect and disgust as she discovers the dangers in playing with sex, primal desires and the confused passions that come with having sex with strangers.

Faced with choice between retreat or attack, Gemma ignores her fears and finds what she has craved for so many years. Intense excitement, insatiable desire and then most surprisingly of all, compassion, love and warmth from her husband – and Maggie.

Only read Gemma’s story if you are ready to take a raw, wild and erotic bisexual suburban ride as she throws all caution to the wind in her quest to satiate her husband, and her own deep, secret and most carnal of desires.

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Sex To Die For - Lucky Lucy

Anyone who meets Lucy would immediately think she was probably around twenty or twenty-one, at most. Slim and not tall, small breasts, long straight blonde hair, nearing childishly white that hangs to the middle of her back. A fringe extenuating her girlish looks. Her bright blue eyes and innocent smile giving anyone who meets her good reason to smile. She often complains that she is still asked to show her ID to enter pubs and clubs, but at twenty-eight years old, she knows she is lucky. 

Lucy’s luck gets even better when a very rich man makes her an offer to share not only his life but also his wealth. And as she discovers, even some very good looking members of his staff. Compared to working in a supermarket packing shelves, Lucy is of course interested in his proposal and after only minor hesitation, accepts her dream that must be too good to be true. 

It doesn’t take long for her to discover that her rich man of her dreams is not only a difficult man to understand, he has also strange habits and even stranger rituals that she tries to learn to comprehend. She knows though that in the end, her body is his, and in exchange his wealth is hers. As she adapts, she becomes more comfortable and starts introducing her new man to a couple of her friends and begins to take full advantage of her luck.

But how long will it last? As always, there are those who lose when someone wins.

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Gemma has 'No Limits'

Gemma's second wicked tale. No Limits

After discovering the excitement of having Sex With Stangers, Gemma continues her suburban sexual adventures with her husband Steve, and their newfound lovers, Maggie and Luke. Together they find new and forbidden pleasures that only serve to heighten Gemma’s lust for more daring, a little danger, and the gratification of her deepest and most secret of carnal desires.
No Limits is the new rule Gemma sets and abides by as she takes her lust to the absolute extreme, but in the process, she discovers secrets that have been buried deep in her husband’s mind that boil to the surface as he takes a more proactive role in their shared sexual adventures. Then when Steve takes control, he asks Lucy, a young, pretty and delicious friend to help him in taking Gemma to the absolute precipice of her sexual limits.
Only read Gemma’s Story if you are ready to take a wild, wet and hot erotic ride as she throws all caution to the wind in her quest to satiate her husband and her own deep, secret and most carnal of desires.

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I Like Men, Not Boys

Writing about very ordinary people doing extremely erotic things is my passion. The glossy commercial, tabloid images of sex being the domain of the young is all fake and floss. I prefer my characters to be a little more mature and have a little more depth to work with.

When I write, I need to develop not only a mental image of my characters, but also how they live, think and go about their very normal lives. The truth is that we all live a very boring existence for most of our days. But just every now and again, we get lucky. But in between, we can dream.

Real men are much more interesting than glossy, waxed and Photoshopped young hunks.

Porn Is Not Erotica

And I suppose erotica is not porn if I reverse my post title. I know it's a mute point and one that I have discovered in my searching has been discussed and debated extensively.

My only take on this is that I would define porn as visual. Usually in the form of videos and images, whereas erotica is delivered to the mind through words or artistic image where it is left to the imagination of the reader to form their own mind's eye images.

While both porn and erotica serve the same purpose, which is to arouse, it is the kind of arousal that is the most important for me. Totally shaved, unnaturally enhanced and extremely practiced just doesn't do anything for me at all I'm afraid. So that probably explains why I don't find arousal from commercialised porn.

But give me a good read with characters I can imagine and visualise in my head as ordinary people doing the most extraordinary things and then I'm very much on my way. As with the image I have added to this post. What is she doing? I'm sure your imagination might like to answer the question.