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Little Lady Luck - The Sequel to Fantasy Business

After discovering in ‘Fantasy Business’ that even if working for the Mary Scott Agency was financially rewarding, it was also very hard work indeed. In the this sequel, Little Lady Luck’, Lyn and Mike continue their work as fantasy entertainers with Sandy and Nick, but with their enthusiasm and stamina waning, Lyn and Mike begin looking for a way out, and an avenue back to normality.

With their bad luck, financial misfortune and desperation having lasted for more than three years already, they are both desperately in need of a small glimmer of hope, and start looking for any possible way of escaping their hardships.

Their tide of bad luck takes a sudden turn for the better, as rumours and then finally, good news arrives in their small town that will give them a chance to move and restart their lives again. At the same time though, Lyn meets someone, and soon knows that her heart has been stolen.

Read on to discover who it is that makes such the difference to Lyn and Mike’s life, luck and love in, ‘Little Lady Luck. Another wet, wild and erotic, suburban couples adventure from Shadir Keene.

Sometimes it only takes a minute when you look into a stranger’s eyes, to know that your heart has been stolen. Find out who steals Lyn’s heart in ‘Little Lady Luck’. Another erotic novel by Shadir Keene.

Another wet, wild and erotic, suburban couples adventure from Shadir Keene.
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