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Fantasy Business - New from Shadir Keene

When Lyn and her husband both lose their jobs, tough times hit and as the months go by, their debts and financial problems mount rapidly. Over dinner one evening with friends, who are also struggling in the same predicament of being unemployed and falling deeper into arrears, Lyn and her husband, Mike, learn about an opportunity that their friends, Sandy and Nick, are considering.

With the lure of a steady and very attractive monthly income for each of them, and the possibility of an end to their financial worries, the four begin to think about the proposition, and what they would have to do if they decided to proceed.

The catch is though, that they will indeed have to work very closely together, as the job on offer is expressly for four, and not just one. If they decide to go ahead, it will mean that they will all see much more of each other. Much, much more than they could ever have possibly imagined.

Read on to discover if Lyn, her husband and their friends decide to change their luck and their lives, and start working for a very specialised agency, in the Fantasy Business. 

When you’re out of work, yet the bills keep coming in, desperate times call for desperate solutions. For Lyn and Mike, when they stumble upon an unexpected way out of their financial problems, they brace themselves for the very naked truth of their radical solution.

Another wet, wild and erotic, suburban couples adventure from Shadir Keene.

Available on Amazon, B&N, Apple and just about anywhere else.

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